The Remodel Process

1. Preliminary plans and design

2. Preliminary budget

3. Final design and plans

4. Decide if you are going to work with all the individual suppliers and trades people yourself or hire a general contractor to run the project for you.

5. Obtain quotes from contractors, trades people, and suppliers for the different products and services you will need to complete your project.

6. Determine the schedule for your project

7. Obtain a building permit, if required.

8. Removal of existing appliances, countertops, cabinets, floor coverings, etc

9. Demolition, if any, of walls or other structural elements.

10. Framing of new walls, addition or moving of windowsand doors, etc.

11. Additional, or modification of, plumbing and gas lines.

12. Additional, or modification of, electrical wiring.

13. New sheetrock, or sheetrock repair, and texture as required.

14. Painting

15. Installation of cabinets

16. Measure or template for countertops

17. Interior door and window trim

18. Installation of countertops

19. Installation of cook top, wall oven, sink, etc

20. Finish electrical, and plumbing

21. Any other work that can be done before finish floors

22. Installation of Finish floor

23. Installation of Dishwasher, Refrigerator

24. Final trim and touchup

25. Move in and enjoy

The above schedule is not cast in stone. Some items can be done before or after others, some items can be done simultaneously. Talk to your suppliers and trades people to determine what the best schedule is for your project.