The Design Process

1. Determine a preliminary budget. Don't be afraid to discuss your budget openly with contractors and suppliers. Most professionals you deal with understand the fact that we all don't have unlimited budgets and will be able to guide you in the proper direction in making clearer decisions for your project.

2. Consider where your temporary "kitchen" can be moved to and for how long that will be acceptable.

3. Think about when would be the best time to disrupt the household.

4. Determine a preliminary concept of what you think you might want:

5. Determine a rough design of what your project will look like. (This is where paying a professional to do a preliminary design and specifications could be beneficial.)

6. Consider how much work, if any, on your project you want to do. Be realistic about your capabilities and if you will have the time to do any work.

7. Think about if you are going to want to (or have time to) work with all the individual suppliers and trades people yourself, or if you will want to hire a general contractor to oversee the project.

8. Obtain preliminary quotes or estimates from contractors, trades people, and suppliers for the different products and services you will need to complete your project. Many times a contractor or supplier can give you a "rough estimate" of what something might cost in just a few minutes.

9. Ask each contractor or supplier if there is anything else they feel you have missed or you should consider in your design bid process.

10. Add up the total of your estimates and bids, consider the time frame and disruption of the house hold and determine if you want to move forward with the project.

11. If you decide to move forward we recommend you pay for a comprehensive design plan and specifications list. This can be accomplished for as little as $200- $600. If Smith Stone Supply provides this service these fees are fully credited towards your purchase at the time of order.

12. Once you have your final kitchen design and all of your materials specified it is time to start your project. Enjoy!

We hope you decide to work with Smith Stone Supply for all, or part, of your project.