A natural stone with beautiful colors and patterns to choose from. The wide variety of colors typically requires the customer to go to a slab warehouse to choose their individual slabs. Granite is a porous material that needs to be sealed yearly, and is extremely hard and durable. Minor damage to granite is repairable.

Economy Group
Economy Group
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Group 1 Colors
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Group 2 Colors
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Group 3 Colors
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Group 4 Colors
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Group 5 Colors

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Quartz is made up of natural stone chips cast in a polymer base. A 'man-made' Granite. It is a nonporous material, so it does not need to be sealed and extremely hard and durable. Minor damage to quartz is repairable.

Quartz White Colors
Quartz: Whites
Quartz Gray Colors
Quartz: Grays
Quartz Earth Tone Colors
Quartz: Earth Tones
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Quartz: Beiges

Available Edges

Solid Surface -

Solid surface is the only material that allows for almost invisible seams and integral sinks. It is a fairly soft material that will scratch, burn and stain. Slight damage to solid surface countertops can be easily repaired, more serious damage must be professionally repaired.

Metal -

The most commonly used metal is stainless steel. It is used mainly in commercial applications and sometimes in residences. Brass, copper, steel and other metals may also be used to accent a specific area. Metal is very hard to damage but also hard to repair.


Laminate is the most widely used and affordable of all materials. There are hundreds of colors and many edge treatments available. Laminate is not repairable.

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Standard Commercial Sink Choices

We offer two different sink styles. Other styles are available for a slight upcharge.

Kitichen Sinks

Standard Sink← Sink SSU-18-5050-32189  Standard Sink

 Sink SSU-18-6040-3120 →

Vanity Sinks

Standard Vanity Sink ← Sink VCU-1714  Standard Vanity Sink

    Sink VCU-1512 →